After an amazing growth of price of the Bitcoin, a lot of people heard about the cryptocurrency world. Many of them joined it and bought some crypto. When time passed even the most inattentive inexperienced crypto holders can notice that market changes every day and price always goes up and down with very high speed. It’s one of the biggest problems which disturb crypto to become world-spreaded. Cryptocurrency is popular only in small groups of people and there are many people who can’t put up with it.

Some projects suggest solutions, but most of them have disadvantages too. Today, I…

Everyone, who is interested in crypto and connected with it, needs to know prices of cryptocurrencies or some other important information. We used to use CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, but these sites may have some disadvantages and there are a lot of other monitoring sites which are much more better.

Today I`m going to tell about Q DeFi Rating — one of the best cryptocurrency and especially DeFi aggregators. The site is still in beta-version, but there are already many useful functions, which can help you a lot.

Today is a perfect day to tell the community about the new incredible project powered by Aave. Aavegotchi is a really revolutionary project, because it contains DeFi, NFT collectibles and DAO. All prospective crypto technologies are in one place. I hope you are intrigued, because we are starting our journey to the Aavegotchi world.

DeFi and NFT are one of the fastest growing spheres in cryptocurrency world last year. Aavegotchi team realized it and united all advantages in one project.

Generally, Aavegotchis are ERC-721 NFT collectibles on Ethereum blockchain.

Every Aavegotchi will have its own traits which add different advantages…

Everyone knows about boom of DeFi projects and amazing growth of Yield Farming platforms. This happened because people understood advantages of decentralized platforms. You shouldn`t pass KYC, nobody can manipulate your funds and all transactions provided by smart protocol or smart contract.

Project consist to significant parts which let people have new experience using crypto in absolutely different ways.

First part is an Emporium.Finance

It`s a liquidity mining platform, created by Crypto Emporium team.

User should to provide liquidity to the 9 main pairs and get rewards in tokens of different projects+ CEFI tokens, native tokens of the Crypto Emporium.

Whole my life I met a lot of people who were interested in cryptocurrencies and enthusiastic about it. Most of them had some funds in different cryptocurrencies, but they spend real money to get it. Today I`m going to show you absolutely new way of earning cryptocurrencies, exactly earning, not buying.

Some my friends, who joined cryptocurrency world in 2018 and earlier have heard about bounties. They even tried to take part in several, but in most cases it finished with lost time and project disappearance. It`s a pity, that people who are interested in participating in bounties, face to…

Hi… My name is Mario, he’s Gorka Irazoqui and we’re here to talk about the case against using TEEs in your crypto project. We work at the Stampery LABS and for a little bit of context, we’ve been building Witnet for the last years, which is a decentralized oracle network.

Avalanche is platform on blockchain which is launched by AVA Labs company. Company was founded in 2018 and since that date developers have been working on completely new and revolutionary platform which let other developers from around the world create powerful, reliable, and secure applications and custom blockchain networks with complex rulesets or build on existing private or public subnets.

Hello, everyone. Some time ago I told you about amazing project called Elrond. Information about this crypto-project you can find here: . Today we will continue to talk about Elrond(ERD). Community and team have been working hard for a long time since I told about them. Together team and community are good alliance, which undoubtedly leads project to success and great future. Every week Elrond is developed by its creators and become more and more popular. Many changes have happened since our last meeting.

There are more than 2 thousands cryptocurrencies exsist. And most of them are useless and have same proposes and ideas. But today I want to tell about Elrond, new stage in the crypto world.

This project has some advantages compare to others. At first adaptive state sharding. What is it? It is a scaling technique that partitions transaction processing, storage, and network. So that each shard can process (and store) only a fraction of all transactions. It does this in parallel with other shards.
Elrond can start with one shard and form new shards as more validators join the network. Throughput…

Now i want to give you a talk about amazing project!!! Everyone should follow it. There is that fabolous project . I recommend to meet with it.

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