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Whole my life I met a lot of people who were interested in cryptocurrencies and enthusiastic about it. Most of them had some funds in different cryptocurrencies, but they spend real money to get it. Today I`m going to show you absolutely new way of earning cryptocurrencies, exactly earning, not buying.

Some my friends, who joined cryptocurrency world in 2018 and earlier have heard about bounties. They even tried to take part in several, but in most cases it finished with lost time and project disappearance. It`s a pity, that people who are interested in participating in bounties, face to such situations and forget about it. That means humans who really want to tell the world about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology just can`t do it, because there is no good platform for bountyhunters, where everyone could earn some crypto. Some time ago I was looking for some projects which can help other crypto world to arrange bounties and earn on it. Fortunately I found it. Now I would like to tell you about Bounty Detective. What is it? How it works? How much can I earn there? Let`s start just now not to miss opportunity earn some tokens of prospective projects.

I hope everyone know what bounty is, but if not I will try to explain it in a few words. Cryptocurrency projects which don`t want to spend a lot of money on advertisement can arrange bounty campaign on some platform with help of bounty managers. This campaigns incentive people make posts about projects, retweet their tweets, follow project`s social media accounts and spread a word about these crypto projects around the world. For such activity project creators reward participants with tokens which later can be listed on the exchange and price can grow few times. This way some people can earn crypto(and sell it for real money) and admins of cryptocurrency projects gets almost free ads.

The main problem of this is dishonest bounty managers, that can don`t pay participants for their work or projects can just scam.

Today there is an universal solution. Bounty Detective. It`s a company which helps projects to launch own bounty campaign and make it comfortable for both sides. Most bounty campaigns are placed on the forum BitcoinTalk and have the same style created by Bounty Detective team. It looks like this.

Everything is described in details and even newbies can easily understand what they need to do to participate in bounty campaigns.

Bounty Detective collaborates with projects, which really has product and those who are interested in cryptocurrency sphere development. Of course, there can be force majeure, but there is a list of successfully paid bounties.

  • Hex Bounty
  • Value: ~$660,000 (02.11.2020)
    Total Reward: 50,000,000 HEX
    Listed Exchanges: Hotbit , BitMart , Uniswap
  • HackenAI Bounty
    Value: ~$23242 (02.11.2020)
    Total Reward: 1,000,000 HAI
    Listed Exchanges: Oceanex, Bitrue, Uniswap, BitMart.
  • TerraCredit Bounty
    Value: ~$2700 (02.11.2020)
    Total Reward: 750,000 CREDIT
    Listed Exchanges: Hotbit, Bitforex , CREX24 , Terrabit , Catex

And it`s only a part of the list where there are quite popular and big projects. What about little diamonds, whose price can be much more bigger than it promised on the bounty campaign start. I only want to say, that payments are true.

Moreover now Bounty Campaign supports escrowed bounty campaigns that means they are pre-funded and participants 100% will get their rewards.

  • Clear design of bounties
  • Work with trusted projects
  • Friendly and fast support in telegram channel (you can find them in the end of the article)

Bounty Detective is a really good and innovative project in cryptocurrency sphere. It lets people to earn directly on their social media accounts or skills like writing and video creating. I don`t say you “Leave your work and go to bitcointalk”, but Bounty Detective definitely helps to earn some additional money which can be used for successful start in cryptocurrency world. You can learn how to invest or trade on the exchange without your own money.

Hope this project will continue development and we will see more bounties with higher rewards and big participant quantity.

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