Digital Gold — New era of the stable crypto assets

After an amazing growth of price of the Bitcoin, a lot of people heard about the cryptocurrency world. Many of them joined it and bought some crypto. When time passed even the most inattentive inexperienced crypto holders can notice that market changes every day and price always goes up and down with very high speed. It’s one of the biggest problems which disturb crypto to become world-spreaded. Cryptocurrency is popular only in small groups of people and there are many people who can’t put up with it.

Some projects suggest solutions, but most of them have disadvantages too. Today, I would like to tell about the project, which let many people to revise their opinion regarding the crypto, its safety and volatility.

Digital Gold provides specific solution, that can help to attract a lot of people to the cryptosphere.

The main idea of the projects is simple and genius. ERC-20 token GOLD is fully backed by the real gold and connected with its price. Last centuries gold was the most stable and trusted asset. Team of the Digital Gold decided to transfer real gold to the digital sphere. 1 token GOLD worths 1 gram of real gold, which is being held in Dev’s storages. Emission is also limited by the amount of the gold, which is in storages.

More info about current coins supply and gold in the storage is available here

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀The most significant advantages

- All GOLD tokens are fully backed by the physical gold
- High liquidity level. Tokens can be sold any time on the official website or partnered exchanges (Already listed on
Cryptex, Bitforex and Uniswap )
- Low costs. It’s like you have real gold without concerns about placement, safety and transferring
- Confidence in the future. Everything is working on blockchain, all transfers are noted, wallets can’t be banned or restricted in some way. Full decentralisation and reliance.

Digital GOLD token is similar to the stable coins, but it has stronger background. While most of stable coins are backed up with the US dollar (some even not fully), GOLD is backed with real gold, which is more stable and high-rated on the common market. Using GOLD as stable coin can let you be confident about safety of your assets.

Overall, Digital Gold provides an incredible solution for all people and companies, who are afraid of the cryptocurrency volatility. More info can be found on the official website or in the Whitepaper .

To be honest, roadmap, published in the Whitepaper is quite old and not all planned tasks were completed. For example, I failed while tried to find Digital Gold wallet in the Play Market store or AppStore, so mobile app, which was promised, still isn`t ready.

Nonetheless, development of the project is going on and I`m sure all mistakes and inaccuracies will be fixed, because team works really hard. Such prospective project can change cryptocurrency sphere, but it obviously needs public support. I recommend you to follow main social media accounts of the Digital Gold to keep the track of events and updates

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