Hello, everyone. Some time ago I told you about amazing project called Elrond. Information about this crypto-project you can find here: https://medium.com/@kurnavin36/new-stage-in-crypto-world-elrond-97f49523ab3 . Today we will continue to talk about Elrond(ERD). Community and team have been working hard for a long time since I told about them. Together team and community are good alliance, which undoubtedly leads project to success and great future. Every week Elrond is developed by its creators and become more and more popular. Many changes have happened since our last meeting.

  • To start with new crypto game developed by the elrond team CryptoBubbles.io, looks like agar.io, but have some advantages comparing with agario. For example in CryptoBubbles you could earn real ERD tokens soon. Also developers conduct some events and tournaments, where you can get ERD or another gifts. The game is very interesting and let you to have fun in your free time.

Next point is ElrondNetwork. Team gave a possibility to sing up in Testnet version. Unfortunately, if I`m not mistaken, now registration is closed. So we need to wait further announcements.

There were also many tech updates of the project:

  • Wasm VM integrated and tested with several smart contracts
  • First stage Economics implementation: block and transaction rewards
  • Statistics for consensus participation and reward for each node
  • Protocol and VM documentation
  • General bugfixes and stubilization
  • Improvements on node restart and sync
  • Dynamic validator list synchronization for joining and leaving etc.

There are only few new things which Elrond team have made. Definitely project is evolving and devs make it more and more useful and convenient.

As everyone knows it is too hard to change world and develop your project alone. Erd team also is aware of it. We are welcome new partnership. They were thrilled to announce that ERD will be THORChain_org launch partner for its http://BEPSwap.com platform.

This is what creators said themselves about their new partner:

“This partnership has many benefits for ERD token holders, such as increased liquidity and earning staking rewards.“

Second partnership also essential. This time it`s with the Matic Network. Quoting developers “As two of the most promising performance-focused platforms on the market, together we can provide the superior blockchain infrastructure required for the acceleration of the decentralized movement”, we can recognize that this event is very exciting and necessary for Elrond.

Taking attraction of the investors is not less important thing to make ERD token stable. Elrond project is spreading. 21-th of August token was listed on BitMax.io and there was an airdrop for new users of the exchange.

Obviously elrond team attract more and more people to support their product.

Elrond arranges community meetings around the world. You can take part in it and ask developers something about project. This is the meetings which are coming next:

Dubai: 8–10 September

Tel Aviv: 12–16 September

Seoul: 26 September — 4 October

Osaka: 8–11 October

Barcelona: 24–31 October

San Francisco: 28 October — 3 November

Regensburg: 30 October

Recently team had completed 2nd wave of the Elrond Community Platform. For the 2nd wave they had 1100+ participants and the top 270 got rewarded. Here everybody can earn some ERD tokens and helps the project doing social activities or making qualified content. In the 3d wave of social mining reward increased with the requirements. Despite it you still can take part in this interesting activity.

If you want to participate, just do it now https://community.elrond.com/

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